Contribute content to the Developer Portal

What to write

Help readers of learn about tools available in the Government's technology ecosystem so that they can leverage them in their next digital project.

Use the guidelines below to contribute content to

  • Put the most important information first. Many readers would not bother scrolling down if they do not find this information at first, so make sure information they must know can be found as early as possible. A good place to start:
    1. Features: what your product does, who the product is for
    2. If possible, what is the cost involved in usage of the product, and how much effort is needed in using it. For example, if the product requires specialised training to learn.
    3. Contact information: a form, an email etc.
  • Be efficient with words. If possible, use pictures and videos to bring your point across.

Add a new page

You can design and add a new page under Products or Guidelines by visiting their pages and using the "Add new" button to bring up the web page builder.

Otherwise, you can submit a page request by using the following form:

Edit an existing page

To edit content on the Developer Portal, you simply need to:

  • be working in the Singapore Government
  • have instant access to your Government Email inbox for a one-time verification code

Step 1 - Edit content directly

Scroll to the bottom of your page and click on the "Edit This Page" button, if it exists. You can then start editing your content in the pop-up text editor window.

Step 2 - Verify Government email

Once you are done editing, enter your Government ( email and click on "Send OTP". Enter the verification code sent to your email, then click on "Submit Changes".

Your proposed changes can then be tracked via GitHub pull requests on the GitHub repo. Your submitted changes will be reviewed and approved or rejected within the next 5 working days. After approval, changes will be reflected instantly on