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Launched in 2016, the Whole-of-Government Application Analytics (WOGAA) platform enables real-time, automatic monitoring of all government websites and digital services. It provides a set of common metrics and measurements that enable public agencies to conduct live performance monitoring of their websites and digital services in a convenient and cost-effective way. With more people interacting with the Government through websites and mobile applications, it is important for us to understand how our digital services are performing and continually enhance user experience.

Through a customised dashboard that depicts the overall health status of government websites and digital services, agencies are able to understand user behaviour and in turn improve service delivery. Metrics tracked include downloads, number of clicks, bounce rate and abandonment rate. There are many analytical tools in the market that can be used to track digital consumption such as tools from market leaders Google (Google Analytics) and Adobe (Adobe Analytics) but these tools require manpower to implement and maintain and may incur substantial costs.


  • Analytics - View analytics of digital services across the whole government.

  • Uptime - Uptime automatically notifies agencies when services become unavailable during routine uptime checks.

  • Inspect - Inspect scans informational services to recommend areas of improvement, and ensure that services meet usability guidelines.

  • Sentiments - A listening tool based on data, Sentiments capture user sentiments by highlighting specific parameters surrounding the use of a website that likely contributed to positive or negative emotions.

Upcoming plans

In the future, agencies will be able to develop and maintain their own custom tagging for business needs, allowing them to invest their resources in more effective ways. This will also support agencies in improving digital service standards.

Get Started

Before diving into the features available on WOGAA, it is first important to understand what is the main use cases of your digital services and the related goals for them. Every website has its own set of objectives as well as target audience, and identifying your goals will help you identify the metrics you should focus on when evaluating your digital health.

If you are a public servant with a .gov.sg email, you canĀ start using WOGAA for free now.