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Designed by the Government, MyInfo is a “Tell Us Once” service that eliminates the need for citizens to repeatedly provide and verify the same personal information when transacting online. Businesses can use MyInfo APIs to obtain information about individuals upon their consent. For example, banks and financial institutions used this for eKYC for online application and instant approvals for bank account opening, credit card applications and loan applications. MyInfo allows citizens and businesses to benefit from:

  • Reduced repetitive filling of personal information for multiple online transactions
  • Reduced incidence of mistakes as a result of human error
  • No more need for physical documents as verifications to complete transactions.

SG Login

SG Login is an online authentication service that businesses can integrate with, allowing them to authenticate the users of their online services without implementing and operating their own infrastructure and systems. Unlike other commercial authentication services available in the market, the authentication services provided are based on verified data and thus offers a high level of identity assurance. Businesses avoid the high costs of operating their own authentication systems, and are able to gain access to 4 million users without the need for expensive customer acquisition.

SG Verify

SG Verify is an identity verification service that businesses can integrate with for their physical shop front, as we believe one can be digital even in a physical setting.

SG Verify can be used in any situation involving proof of identity in a physical setting, such as:

  • Verifying visitors’ identity in hospitals or in commercial buildings
  • Proof of identity at bank branches or telco stores
  • Signing up for credit cards or opening of utilities accounts at roadshows

SG Authorise

SG Authorise is a remote authorisation service which businesses can use to notify and seek authorisation from customers. For example, an insurance company can notify a customer that his car insurance policy is expiring and seek authorisation from him/her to renew it for another year. Individuals will receive the notification on SingPass Mobile, and they can provide their authorisation by digitally signing the renewal request using digital cryptographic keys within SingPass Mobile.

SG Sign

SG Sign allows businesses and their customers to digitally sign a document, be it a contract, agreement or statutory filing. A digitally signed document provides a high level of assurance of the identity of the signers, integrity of the documents, non-repudiation of the transaction, and enjoy legal presumptions under the Electronics Transaction Act in Singapore.

SG Face

SG Face is an identity verification service using facial recognition that businesses can integrate with “as-a-service”. Facial verification gives businesses an additional/alternative way of verifying a person’s identity, without the need and burden to collect biometric data. It can be used as step-up authentication process to achieve a higher level of identity assurance, or as a way to simplify customer verification processes, or in some situation, as a proof-of-presence (e.g., taking a test). Facial verification is done upon consent of individual and not for surveillance purposes.