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Whole-of-Government Application Analytics (WOGAA)

With more people interacting with the Government through websites and mobile applications, it is important for us to understand how our digital services are performing and continually enhance user experience.

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Whether you're a student or an employer, OpenCerts lets you verify the certificates you have of anyone from any institution all in one place.

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Isomer is an informational website generator provides template for website with hosting and is compliant to applicable clauses in the Instruction Manual 8 (IM8), Design Service Standard (DSS) and Usability Checklist (UC).

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The new data.gov.sg, now in public beta, goes beyond being a data repository. It aims to make government data relevant and understandable to the public, through the active use of charts and articles.

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The National Digital Identity platform enables citizens and businesses to transact digitally with the Government and private sector conveniently and securely.

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As part of the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS), the SIOT Capability Centre consists of 3 core components to help agencies in harnessing the power of Sensors and IoT. Find out more about how the capability centre does this and how you can get started.

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